NAT rules not honoured from DMZ to LAN

  • Hi folks,

    I think I may have touched on this before (possibly in IRC), but I've not been able to address it to my satisfaction.

    I have something like the following config (exact values are different - using these to explain)

    {INTERNET} –-- [DSL/WIFI-combo router] – [pfSense] – (LAN)

    A "guest" can connect to the "public" WiFi provided by the ISP-furnished router & get internet without hassle.
    If they want to get onto the private network, they need to connect via OpenVPN - the same *.ovpn as they would from outside using my FQDN or public IP (tested & works fine), but from the DNZ they simply use the WAN-facing IP of my pfSense -

    Unable to connect.

    What I'm seeing in my firewall logs is a denied connection for the leased IP for the WiFi guest - so the connection is coming in, but denied.
    I simply select the Add EasyRule (+) green (with logging), expecting further connections to be allowed, but it's still being denied.
    I alter the rule to be more permissive (against my better judgement) - ip any*:any* for destination TCP/UDP:1194 - but the connection is still blocked.
    Created a copy of the rule in Float too, moved up higher in the rules stacks - same result.

    Is this a bug? Feels buggy.
    Can anyone please try this to confirm, or offer me some advice.

    Please advise

    Kind regards

    • J