RESOLVED : Firewall rules and OpenVPN client Vs. default gateway

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm trying for hours to configure a strict rule allowing a LAN IP to pass by an OpenVPN client connection configured on the firewall and block that IP to use the default gateway when the OpenVPN client is unavailable. None of my tests works.
    I'm sometimes having the OpenVPN service down and so the traffic pass by the default gateway. I simply want the traffic to pass by the OpenVPN client ONLY and clearly block this traffic to pass by the default gateway.
    Rules or floating rules, I can't get lead of this.

    Did anyone experience this behavior and found a solution ? Or is it just impossible ?



  • Try System: Advanced: Miscellaneous - Skip rules when gateway is down
    "By default, when a rule has a specific gateway set, and this gateway is down, rule is created and traffic is sent to default gateway.This option overrides that behavior and the rule is not created when gateway is down."
    I think checking the box will stop the system from being "nice" and failing the traffic over to the default gateway.

  • Yes, after several tests, this option did the trick!

    Thank you. I feel to have now my traffic under control :)

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