Can’t set Allow intra-BBS communication

  • HELP! I’m trying to allow wireless devices on my network to communicate with each other.

    Within Interfaces:Wireless, when I try to check the box for Allow intra-BBS communication, I get an error message:
    This IPv4 address is being used by another interface or VIP

    Wireless is bridged to LAN

    Interface Assignments are:
    LAN vr0
    WAN vr1
    Wireless ath0

    LAN and Wireless IPv4 are both set to

    WAN is connected to my ISP modem
    LAN connected devices can browse to the web through WAN
    Wireless devices can browse to the web
    Wireless devices can connect to LAN devices
    Wireless devices cannot see or connect to other wireless devices

    My version is 2.1-RELEASE (i386)
    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p11

  • You can not set the same ip on both interfaces.
    If this is what you desire then create a bridge.
    Sound like you hit a bug because you should not be able to create a interface that has the same ip. Change the IP to a different subnet or create a bridge between LAN and WIFI.
    I recommend you use a different subnet and not a bridge. IntraBSS has nothing to do with IP conflicts so there seems to be a verification bug somewhere if you actually have 2 interfaces with the same IP already set.

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