2.1.1-PreRelease works nice on Esxi using SuperMicro X10SL7-F with i210 nics

  • Hi!

    Thank you for a nice release that includes the igb driver for Intel i210 nics. (I´m not using any QoS or ALTQ)

    I can confirm that the 2.1.1-prerelease is working well on the platform stated below:

    Motherboard: SuperMicro X10SL7-F
    CPU: Intel E3-1230v3
    Memory: Kingston 16 GB ECC
    Onboard NIC: Intel i210
    Extra nic: intel dual gigabit pro 1000 pt

    Hypervisor is Vmware Esxi 5.5
    I have allocated 8 GB ram and 2 cores to Pfsense 2.1.1
    Pass-through of i210 to pfsense box.

    At one stage in my test the i210 could not get a dhcp lease from my ISP.
    Needed a clean install of Pfsense to get it working. That has been the only problem in my setup.


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