[SOLVED] PS3 Intermittent UPNP

  • I know there's a lot of talk about PS3's and NAT issues and I've followed the guides, set the static IP, enabled the static ports etc.
    The first time I made the change the PS3 connection screen showed NAT2 with UPnP available.. Perfect.

    I then tried the test about an hour later at which point it still showed NAT2 but UPnP was now not available. Weird!
    I did loads of testing and couldn't get it to work again, until I restarted the service. As if by magic it then reported UPnP as being available.

    Out of interest I tried the test again about 10mins later and it had reverted back to UPnP not being available. Restarting the UPnP service resolved the issue again.
    I have been successfully able to replicate this issue over and over again.

    Has anyone had this issue before, or even resolved it? I'm running PfSense 2.1 i386 NanoBSD edition.
    Seems like an odd one.


  • I tested on my AliX board today and it's been fine. So it's hardware and not pfSense related.
    Unfortunately AliX isn't anywhere fast/powerful enough to utilise my net connection..

  • I believe I've managed to resolve the issue.
    My network setup involves a virtual bridge on a Debian host. The multicast traffic is being received by the bridge but not forwarded so none of the messages are being received.
    By following this guide: http://en.onoclea.com/bits/linux-kvm-dlna-upnp-smcroute.html I was able to resolve the issue. It's now been 2 hours and UPnP is still available.

    I basically did the following:

    apt-get install smcroute
    smcroute -j xenbr1
    smcroute -a xenbr1 xenbr1
    echo 0 > /sys/devices/virtual/net/xenbr1/bridge/multicast_snooping

    It looks out for UPnP broadcasts on xenbr1 and forwards it on to all connected hosts on the same bridge.

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