Pfsense as openvpn client to vpn service

  • Hi folks,

    I have tried many times to connect to my vpn service but have hit a wall so I am starting at the beginning. This is not a complete setup because the instructions I am following say that when you setup the openvpn client correctly you should see something like this.."openvpn[21178]: Initialization Sequence Completed".. in the log and if you don't see it go back and correct your mistakes.

    The setup consists of a provider supplied CA and a Static key. I am provideing the openvpn log and the client1.conf in hopes that someone will see my error. The log shoes the ip of the server at the end but not "Initialization Sequence Completed"

    I have systematically gone through every advanced option one at a time adding them to my setup and removing the ones that break the vpn. Pfsense shows the connection as up but I don't connect.

    I have been trying to resolve this for a week now so any help is greatly appreciated.

    Also I have used this service for a while but have been connecting using viscosity on a windows 8 machine so the service works fine. It's not them…it's me!



    [client1 conf.txt.txt](/public/imported_attachments/1/client1 conf.txt.txt)

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