Newbie pfsense to ESxi question

  • Hi I am going to give ESxi or vSphere Hypervisor 5.1 a try and will install pfsense on it.

    I have a dedicated hardware pfsense PC working fine and wish to import this directly to ESxi so is there a guide or method to import the hardware version pfsense over to the virtual ESxi ?

    I am hoping I do not have to redo the entire pfsense set up again since it took a long time to configure it and do not want to alter settings !

  • you can use P2V to convert it to a VM and following the documentation on how to configure the nic and vswitch.

  • I've done this and it is super easy with pfSense.

    Step 1: Backup your existing pfSense configuration (Diagnostics: Backup/restore)

    Step 2: Build a fresh pfSense install from ISO on ESXi (

    Step 3: Get the new interface names for the ESXi install.  Manually edit the backup file from the original install (very easy to see what to edit).

    Step 4: Restore the edited file into the ESXi installation.

    Step 5: Enjoy!

  • thanks guys will give it a bash and see how I get on !

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