Multiple IP Subnets Routed on Single Interface - {$300-500}

  • I will offer $100 to anyone who can implement multiple subnets on the LAN interface; it should include the following:

    1) All traffic is routed to a single external VIP in each subnet from CARP.
      2) The LAN interface will need to support multiple VIP (CARP) subnets; these VIP's will be the gateway for the internal machines.

    Please see the forum thread,2644.0.html for an example from another user.

    Edit: Bounty increased to combined total of $300 with above features. Additional $200 if it gets added to release.

  • Hi Owen,

    I would very much like to see this feature to.

    If there is any way ($ ;-) ) we could team up on this I would be very much willing.

    Please PM me if you have any interrest.


  • Hi Guys,

    I would like to 'up' the bounty by $200, it would be a GREAT feature! ;-)

    My 'story' to all this:,6971.0.html

    Next to this I would love to see this released within a full release or beta a.s.a.p. should this be completed. Besides the $200 bounty for completing it, I would like to give an additional bounty of $200 if it gets released in af 'full' version freely available for anyone.

    Please, let me/us know!



  • I can provide a hack to make this work in the 1.2 release, and full GUI support for the 1.3 release. 1.2 is feature frozen, I can't add this there.

    Those willing to contribute to this bounty, please email me (

  • Hi Guys,

    Sorry for my late reaction.

    I want to pay the mentioned bounty but I need to know who to address the money to.

    Please let me know how, what, who… ;-)



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