ESXI 5.1 and Name Resolution Question

  • Go easy on me.  Been working at this for hours with nothing to show.

    Running ESXI 5.1, 1312873.  Have the following VMs setup with fixed IPs and DNS info pointing towards both and – pfSense – Ubuntu Server for UniFi Controller (accessible at – ESXI – PBX In A Flash – UnRAID – Ubuntu Server for ownCloud – Ubuntu Server for Plex (accessible at!/dashboard) – NZBApp
      - Headphones:
      - Couchpotato:
      - Sickbeard:

    Similarly to this post:, want to be able to type the hostname of the VM (e.g. "pfSense") in the browser of any of the devices on my network and  it would go to its IP (e.g.  Another example would be typing Headphones and arriving at  Read and cannot for the life of me figure out what to do.

    Please help.

  • check services–>dns forwarder-->host/domain overrides

    you'd have to set your clients dns servers @ for this to work

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    ^ yeah you should only point to dns that has records for your local domain.  Pointing to others that don't is going to cause grief.

    "DNS info pointing towards both and "

    That is bad configuration, unless the is not authoritative for any domain.  Also just putting pfsense or any just hostname is not good idea, names should always be fqdn, ie something like headphones.local.lan, or where your local dns is authoritative for name.tld

    You can setup your machines to have a search suffix, domain membership so when you put pfsense into your browser it queries for pfsense.yourdomain.tld

    But pointing to as a possible dns - your never going to be 100% sure which dns your client is going to ask, if he asks for pfsense.yourlocaldomain.tld its not going to work.

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