• Hello,

    i have the latest snapshot installed, then i need the voucher sync function. Because the settings on the 2.1 version will not be saved. This has been fixed with the 2.1.1.

    2.1.1-PRERELEASE (amd64)
    built on Mon Feb 10 07:10:21 EST 2014

    Maybe but I have found an bug in 2.1.1.

    I have two pfsense, one master one slave.

    On the master i have a voucher roll for one day.

    When i test a voucher on the master at Status –> Captive Portal --> Test Voucher

    It says:

    z8cpHbRrRDm (1/36) good for 1440 Minutes
    Access granted for 1440 Minutes in total.

    on the second pfsense its the same. All good so far.

    Now when i use the expire function on the master (Status –-> Captive Portal ---> Expire Vouchers) and test the voucher on the master it says:

    z8cpHbRrRDm (1/36) already used and expired
    Access denied!

    But on the second pfsense is the voucher still valid and can be used.

    And for the voucher Sync function, it would be helpful to know that the "Zonename" must be identical on both sides. A hint or a better error message. ;)

    Best regards

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    How exactly do you have the voucher sync settings configured?

  • Only on the second pfsense under    Captive Portal –-> "My Captive Portal" ---> Vouchers
    See the attached screenshot. is the IP of the master pfsense.

  • The problem is still on built on Sun Feb 16.

    I can also use one voucher of a client that connect to the master pfSense and the same voucher i can use on a client at the second or third pfSense.

    Master pfSense:

    Secend pfSense:

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    +1, expired vouchers just do not sync.

    Also, I'd like to set up a dedicated user for the sync purpose (not admin) however all my attempts failed miserably due to nonexistent documentation on required privs.

  • I pushed some fixes which should help with this.

    Can you try latest code from github or next snapshot?

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    Thanks, will test the next snapshot, the boxes are one week behind latest anyway. :-)

  • I have tested the build  Sun Feb 23.

    On the master pfsense i created new voucher rolls but the comment don't show:

    After I put a voucher has expired on the master pfsense, they are still valid on the second pfsense

  • Can you try once more with tomorrows snapshots.

  • Test: 2.1.1-PRERELEASE (amd64) built on Tue Feb 25 08:50:01 EST 2014

    I use a new voucher. On both pfsense is the voucher valid. (Status –-> Captive Portal --> Test Voucher)

    But when I try to login on the captive portal page at the second pfsense the voucher is immediately invalid.

    On the master pfsense is still valid.

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    But when I try to login on the captive portal page at the second pfsense the voucher is immediately invalid.
    On the master pfsense is still valid.

    Hmmm, yeah, this is actually a whole lot worse than before, perhaps just revert it. :)

  • Did you try with new snapshots or not?

  • Yes
    Snapshot: pfSense-Full-Update-2.1.1-PRERELEASE-amd64-20140225-0849.tgz

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    Yeah, I tried with the Feb 25 snapshot. This actually is getting worse instead of better, claiming valid vouchers to be invalid is just completely wrong.

  • @ermal, can you look again? :)

  • Should be fixed for good.

    At least now it works on my test environment.

    Please test latest snapshots.

  • Thanks ermal, now it works fine!

    But one bug left. :)
    The comment field still empty.

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    No problem with comment field. (Has also nothing to do with the original problem here which indeed has been fixed. Thanks.)