Restoring 1.0.1 config on 1.2RC3

  • Hello,
    Is there any way to restore a 1.0.1 config on a 1.2RC3 system? I have a several of 1.0.1 boxes and 1.2RC3 updates crash them. The 1.2RC3 iso is stable though.

    I guess a better question is, is there going to be an issue restoring the 1.0.1 config to a new 1.2 install and is there going to be any issues with Carp if I upgrade the secondary box and leave the primary on 1.0.1 for a day or so.


  • You should be fine restoring the 1.0.1 config to 1.2, and leaving the secondary on 1.0.1 for a brief period should be fine as well.  I would recommend disabling the configuration sync until they're both on the same version, I'm not sure if that would work right or not.

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