Can't access WebGUI from WAN - Solved

  • Hi,

    I am having issues accessing the WebGUI through the PPPoE interface on HTTPS port 443.
    My PfSense release is 2.1
    I have a firewall rule to allow my source address to access the WAN address on TCP port 443.
    I can access the console on port 22 from LAN and PPPoE interfaces.
    I can access the WebGUI only from the LAN interface.
    If I run a "tcpdump -i pppoe0 -nnvv port 443" command I can see the traffic reaching the firewall.
    If I run a "pfctl -vss" command I can see the connection in an "ESTABLISHED:ESTABLISHED" state.
    I have tried firefox and IE but WebGUI is not presented to me from the internet.

    Anything else I can check?


  • For any others experiencing this issue,  I managed to resolved the problem by reducing the PPPoE MTU from 1492 to 1452

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