How do I create or copy a file to /etc?

  • Just upgraded to 2.1 on my FW 7541. Since File Manager does not work on 2.1 I can't get a couple files I need for OpenVPN to the /etc folder.

    Can anyone tell me how I can copy a file from my Mac to that folder, or create a new text file there?

    Or if anyone has some good instructions for setting up OpenVPN on 2.1 that could work also. I dug around here and Google but could not find anything quite up to date for 2.1. I use PIA if it matters and had it setup fine on 2.0.3.


  • In an ideal world everything should be configured in the webGUI  :) But as long as you really know what you are doing and what is needed… then you can always write a text file by:
    Put the file name in "Save / Load from path" - e.g. /etc/
    Paste the file contents into the big text box
    Press the "Save" button.

  • Phil,

    Thanks for the reply. I found something in the meantime that worked. I was able to SFTP in using root for the username, and just copy the 2 files to /etc I needed to get OpenVPN working again.

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