[SOLVED] Open VPN does not connect on the second link

  • Hello guys, okay ? (Sorry for my english… ;D)

    I have configured openvpn in pfSense here , and I have two internet links .. LINK A and B

    In the LINK A - openvpn works perfect ! opens the connections , I ping hosts on the other side , etc. ..

    But when I try to use the 2nd link , OpenVPN will not connect .. remembering that I have 2 conf files . identical in the client , changing only the IP , and the server has chosen the option > [ b ] Interface > [ / b ] [ b ] ANY [ / b ]

    Conducted a TCPDUMP the wan port of the 2nd link ….
    I noticed that the firewall receives the packet connection , but does not respond ... and do not drop them ... = \

    So I decided to reconfigure OpenVPN on another port 1196 ( for example) through the wizard . ( Supposing it some configuration error ... )

    Perfect , made all the configuration of the second server on another port , still can not connect to OpenVPN .

    Note that my default gateway is the Link A. But even changing GW to B , did not work ...
    Not LoadBalancer , but I have a FAILOVER ... switching in case of fall of link A.

    I've been in the rules of WAN2 and already have released the NEW doors and did the same procedure on internface OpenVPN .

    But nothing ....

    Does anyone have any idea what can be ? Or suggest me some other test?

    Thank you all .

    That is Solution


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