Recently added pass-through-mac will not passthrough

  • Hello, looking for some captive portal help.  I have radius etc working, 400+ authenticated users and ~100 pass through mac, my most recently added mac with not pass through (2.1-Release amd64)  If any more information is required I will gladly add it.  Devices are able to get ip address via pfsense dhcp-relay to windows server dc with dhcp dns etc.

  • For some added information, I can confirm that if I remove a passthrough mac in the gui, and then do ipfw -x zone show, the recently removed is still present. What gives there?

  • Also, why are the pass through items not in a ipfw table like the pass through ip/hostname?

  • We have the same problem my friend. The only difference is, the pass-thru mac can't pass through in a certain hotspot area. I hope someone in the pfsense core will have a fix on this.

  • Thanks for the reply, this seems like a pretty strong game killer for captive portal.  One of the main reasons I need to white list devices includes xbox live, and psn (student dorms).  The PS3/PS4/360/XBone devices do not play nice with the captive portal at all.  In fact the XBone requires you to sign in to xbox live before you can browse the web it seems, thus obviously you can bring up the captive portal page.  I am considering trying to whitelist the xbox live and psn networks by host name to see if that helps…

    EDIT: but of course while that will allows the devices to sign into the gaming networks, it wont allow other sites and services to work on those devices...