How to enable all traffic between two interfaces (LAN and WAN) ?

  • Hello, I have a (bridged) (LAN and WiFI AP interface) on my set up that is going nuts trying to talk. (pic below)

    I just want to allow all of the traffic and loopback chatter between the lan and wifi interface for ip4 and ip6 properly to avoid a lot of instant easy rules like seen above. I also have a lot of chatter between all of my apple lan devices that gets blocked between the lan and wifi interface

    I have tried setting rules on both sides to (protocol - allow all) but that does nothing. Setting easy rules also doesn't seem to work.

    Also does a Static IP have to be configured for each interface when using (default ISP) DHCP on the wan or is there a way to have the other interfaces receive that ip address from the wan dhcp instance without dnsmasq (dns forwarder) or is this the best to do it)

    I liked the sound of dhcp relay but am not sure I know that is what I need. I understand right now dhcp forwarder is doing the work, just wondering if that is optimal.

    any help is appreciated.

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