Apple TV can't watch iTunes rented movies

  • I have an Apple TV setup behind my pfSense firewall that can't access iTunes. Every time I try to view movies/TV shows I've rented or bought through iTunes or even preview trailers of movies I get an error stating "An error occurred loading this content. Try again later." My Apple TV is jailbroken and is running Firecore aTV Black. I don't have any issues when I plug an Ethernet cable directly into my router.

    A few facts:

    1. I have Verizon FiOS and the LAN is double NAT'ed (yes I know its not ideal but its what I have to put up with for the time being)
    2. My current setup has my IP from Verizon DHCP'd to my Verizon Actiontec router
    3. My pfSense firewall WAN interface has a DHCP'd IP from the router
    4. My pfSense firewall LAN interface is on a different network
    5. Everything else seems to work outbound from the internal network

    Current setup:

    Verizon (random IP) –> Verizon router (x.x.1.0/24) --> pfSense WAN (x.x.1.5/24) --> pfSense LAN (a.a.100.1/24) --> Apple TV (a.a.100.10/24)

    When I bypass the pfSense firewall and plug the Apple TV directly into the Verizon router (x.x.1.0/24) I have no issues accessing iTunes but I want the Apple TV behind the firewall. I have all my media behind the firewall and really don't want to have to setup a rule to allow the traffic from the Apple TV in the "DMZ" to the LAN.

    Has anyone else had any issues like the ones I'm experiencing?

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I'm a first time pfSense user.

  • Update: I restored my Apple TV to the standard Apple OS and it still can't get out to Apple. I've checked the firewall logs and all traffic is being passed. I plan on going back to Firecore aTV Black later but figured I'd run this test.


  • Check your firewall rules to be sure you have allowed everything through.  It shouldn't be broken.

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