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  • Hello,

    Having a heck of a time getting my VPN between Condo and House working. House obviously is server and condo is connecting into it. Here is some screenshots so hopefully someone can see what is going on. I can ping from condo to house's pfsense address and from house to condo but pfsense address only. I will need to do ping, dns and Active Directory replication eventually. Be happy to get ping and dns, though.



  • i see you only allow icmp on your openvpn-tab firewall ?

    i'd suggest you start by adding a allow any->any on the openvpn (on both sides).
    if that works you can be certain that the openvpn configuration is OK.

  • Done that and I can now ping other devices, still can't ping anything Windows related. Home network is an AD environment with GPO turning Windows Firewall off.

    Main thing is I need the pfsense box at condo to forward DNS queries to the local DNS at the house.

  • do the windows devices have their gateway pointed to pfsense ?

  • Everything at the house is part of a domain environment. DHCP and DNS are served through the address of which is the DC.

    From the condo to the house I can ping various devices and machines, besides anything that is apart of the domain. Forcing my laptop to temporarily use as DNS doesn't resolve anything. Whether the domain controller at the house won't allow the subnet at the condo to resolve names I don't know.

    Whole purpose of this is replicate domain the controller at the house to the condo. About halfway there as the VPN is up and communication is there, minus being able to resolve any addresses at the house.

  • @heper:

    do the windows devices have their gateway pointed to pfsense ?

  • Sorry, yes they do. The pfsense at the house is virtualized on a hyper-v box. Pfsense at condo is an Alix board.

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