Configuration not working

  • Dear fellows,

    I spent 3 days trying to set up my new router with pfSense 2.1-RELEASE (amd64) and I'm stuck. I need your help. I have managed to run my configuration on ddwrt router with excellent stability, but on pfSense - no luck.

    My goal is to encrypt and route all of my traffic from my laptop trough my home public IP address.

    My pfSense configuration is as follows:

    Home Public IP address: x.x.x.x - assigned to WAN Interface
    My LAN IP address is - assigned to LAN Interface

    I want to set up OpenVPN server with SSL/TLS+user authentication in order to route all of my traffic through my home public IP address - x.x.x.x. I want to use my LAN DHCP server for address lease, therefore I'm trying to set up bridged tap interface.

    Problem Number 1: TLS authentication is not working. I use my own certificate which works on ddwrt router, but here the server gives me message: HMAC Authentication failed. (User + SSL authentication without TLS works perfect).

    Problem Number 2: Under OpenVPN Server Configuration, in bridged mode with checked option "Allow clients on the bridge to obtain DHCP", bridged interface set to LAN and blank Server Bridge DHCP Start/End fields, the LAN DHCP server is not providing any IP address to my TAP adapter. It keeps saying "Identifying".

    Regarding my interfaces I have assigned OPT1 interface to my OpenVPN Server and I have bridged OPT1 Interface with my LAN. Also I have added the following rules to the firewall:

    New rule under WAN Action 'pass' > Interface WAN > protocol UDP > src:any > dst:any > dest port range: OpenVPN (1194)
    New rule under OpenVPN to allow ALL traffic: proto * src * dest *
    New rule under OPT1 to allow ALL traffic: proto * src * dest *

    The problem is that no traffic is going trough the VPN tunnel.

    I would appreciate any help. I just spent too much time trying to configure pfSense without luck.

    Yours sincerely,

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