Assigned Static IPs, Now Everything Is Really Broken

  • Lost my post due to .jpeg vs .jpg upload filename  >:( so I'm just going to write some quick bullets.

    Please see the attached network diagram.  I don't have access to visio and I couldn't find a decent alternative quickly enough, so it is what it is.  Curved lines indicate a wireless connection, straight lines are wired connections.

    Actions that I took:

    • Lost my last config to dead HDD

    • Got new HDD and reinstalled pfsense

    • Got everything working, but then noticed I forgot some static IPs for the wireless routers in the diagram

    • Added static IPs with static ARP entries

    • Wireless routers are cheap home wireless routers with DD-WRT acting as APs in bridged mode and are configured internally to use the static IP that is in the diagram


    • All hosts connected to cannot reach the internet

    • Some hosts connected via wire to the switch that pfsense is on can connect to the internet and some cannot

    • All hosts connected to via wireless can connect to the internet

    • All hosts that cannot reach the internet also cannot ping the gateway (pfsense box)

    • All hosts that should be able to be reached via the internet and which cannot currently reach the internet cannot be reached via the internet even by hosts on the LAN

    • All hosts on the LAN can ping all other hosts on the LAN, regardless of whether each host can or cannot reach the internet

    I have no idea what I did to screw it up this badly.  And quite honestly, I'm not even sure if this is an issue with wireless or DHCP or what, so if this is an inappropriate subforum for this issue, please forgive me and move my post if you have the power to do so.

  • So, after some changes, I've managed to get things seemingly working again.  What I did was disable the static arp option for the wireless router and everything seems to have been fixed.  Can anyone tell me why that would cause such a problem?

    Edit: Actually, devices seem to be connecting again, but now the whole network seems really sluggish.

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