Lose internet connection when i enable captive portal

  • Hi guys,
    we are new in this area so maybe these questions were already solved so we are sorry about this
    we are running pfsense on our PC with 2 NIC , one for LAN and other for WAN
    as long as captive portal is disabled we can ping either WAN gateway and internet but when we enable it we can not ping and we lose internet connection.

    Please help us


  • Place one of your IP's in the Allow IP-section, and try from that client, should work.

    I'm guessing that you just enabled it and did nothing more? You need to authorize yourself with the portal to get online, that's the whole point of the Captive Portal feature.

  • I have this same issue but its the other way around. When I disable the CP, I lost the connection from wireless. That really fed me up until I just reinstalled the pf. So that issue of mine, posted somewhere was never resolved.

  • thanks for your response but tht did not solve my problem
    i dont know why but enabling my captive portal makes my pc 'blind', the only thing we can ping is lan interface, we do not get response from wan interface
    Any other solution for my problem???

  • itlab: is your Captive Portal properly configured? Have you uploaded any login-page, or added any users to the local database to allow authentication?

    The whole point of a Captive Portal is to deny users internet access until they have authenticated, activated a voucher, or agreed to some terms & conditions. The fact that you lost internet connectivity while starting your Captive Portal (assuming nothing else is done) is proof that it does work as intended; to stop you from going online until you convince it to let you.

  • I rebooted the system and configured it again and now is working properly…

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