General Setup Question

  • I have a pfsense firewall setup at one location. pfsense has OpenVPN Server buitl-in. The second location has a linksys wireless access point. I have a user who wants to set up a VPN Connection from behind (through) the linksys firewall to the pfsense firewall. They need to connect a PlayStation via the VPN to the second LAN. They do not have admin rights to the linksys.

    Is there a way to set up a OpenVPN Client on a PC on their LAN and then have the PC accept a connection fron the playstation and route it over OpenVPN client on a Win XP client to the OpenVPN Server?

    Or could you please recommend an alternate solution?


  • What is the goal of this setup? what you describe is certaibly possible but if you're tunelling a PS and want to play over this connection you WILL have lag.

  • I want to have a LAN Party with remote locations.  I would like to avoid lag (unless the lag only hits them and I can win easier!)  ;D.  We tried to use the Sony servers and could not get on…I guess they are selling a ton of playstations.

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