DDOS on legitimate port?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am new to Pf Sense, but have been experimenting with it.

    Can PfSense block udp ddos on a game servers port?
    We have a problem where people are attacking port 27015 (Counter Strike Source) port.

    I have setup our pfsense box to be transparent and its working in so much as I can add a rule and it lets traffic in, disable the rule andit stops it, so pfsense is working fine.

    I am just not sure what the next step is, I would be very grateful if someone can give me some pointers as this is ruining everyones fun playing games :(


  • When you click the advanced button on the firewall-rule-editing page you can set maximum connections per second / states per client.

    maybe you could play around with that.

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