Alias URL Table with >4000 IP's

  • Hi,

    Anyone ever had issues with URL Tables in Aliasses?
    I am trying to block >4000 IP adresses located in a txt file on a webserver behind my pfsense firewall.
    Somehow this breaks the entire rule base.

    It even goes so far as turning the entire firewall in pass-pass mode and not looking or loading firewall rules.
    After adding the alias (just adding it, not creating a firewall rule yet), If I execute 'pfctl -sa , the'output doesn't even show any rules loaded into the firewall.
    When using a smaller number of IP adresses, like 2000 orso it works.

    Looking at the alias table, it only loads about 1999 ip's from the txt file.

    Anyone ever had this problem before?

    Ruben Vanhoutte

  • Moderator

    Try to increase the "Firewall Maximum Table Entries" in System:Advanced:Firewall/NAT

    Maximum number of table entries for systems such as aliases, sshlockout, snort, etc, combined.

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