VNC remote connection and file sharing

  • Hello all,

    i have setup my Pfsence firewall and everything is looking good except for a couple of thing
    I have 1.2-RC3

    When i want to connect to my remote office with openvpn, the connection as no error and it looks connected ok but i can't connect to any VNC station on the remote site and a i CAN'T connect to the Windows file server eather wit SMB or CIFS protocol

    Can someone help?

  • Sounds like a routing problem (as recently discussed on the OpenVPN mailing list).

    If the OpenVPN server (the pfSense host) isn't the default gateway for the network then you need to ensure that static routes are set up.

  • Wel, i think i found the problem!

    I have a Cisco client and i made a connection with it first. After that i tried my openvpn connection and it caused the problem mentioned, i was able to connec but not to log on the server and to get VNC connection.

    Not sure what exactly but i will look in t it and trie to get back


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