Pmacct on PFsense (100$)

  • Hey

    I need pmacct ( to be installed on a pfsense firewall?

    I need this program to log the trafic amount use per IP in the network.

    Will anybody make this plugin?


  • I think there is already a plugin which does something similar.
    (but dont remember the name >_< )

  • NTop does this, but the plugin does not exist for the latest version (in packages section) for me - 1.2 RC3 (not sure exactly version, but the latest).  Maybe if you go with previous version, a stable package for NTop exists.  New to pfSense, so not sure about previous versions.

  • Bandwidthd (available in the packages) does this well.

  • pfflowd is in packages, that'll export NetFlow which is essentially the same as this.

    If you still want to proceed with pmacct, I may be interested in this bounty.

    What kind of GUI would be required? If you can describe what needs to be in the GUI, and exactly how that is used in the configuration files, I may be able to do this.

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