Traffic Graph Resolution

  • I was taking a look at the traffic graph on 2.1.1 and realized it was not re-scaling in Chrome. There was a big download that spiked the scale, then it never went back down like I believe it used to.  I've attached a pic to illustrate.

    2.1.1-PRERELEASE (amd64)
    built on Wed Feb 19 00:11:10 EST 2014

    Google Chrome 33.0.1750.117 (Official Build 252094) beta-m

  • On the graph click the red letters where it says "autoscale (up)"    it will change its behavior.  Should change to "(follow)".

  • Oh jeez… I didn't even see that in the tiny, blurred writing. It must have changed with the upgrade (or I clicked by accident). Thanks!

    Just realized it is writing the correct direction, so disregard that part :).

  • Is there a way to set follow as a default? I see it goes back to up when I refresh.

  • open the settings (right arrow)  make your selection  (left arrow).

  • Great, thank you!

    One more for you… Are those settings only available when it's a dashboard widget? I usually look at it from Status -> Traffic Graph so I never even saw the option. Perhaps it should be on both pages.

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