Allowed web hosts function not functioning properly in 2.1, now tested

  • After my earlier message regarding slow websites through captive portal i have done some further tests. It is completle clear that allowed hosts function does not work properly in 2.1 .
    I have tested in two different 2.1 installation and then in a 2.03 installation.
    The problem was discovered when after we changed to 2.1 our engineering department could not properly access to the AIRBUS site.
    This works fine in 2.03
    I have made a test with a swedish newspaper
    In my two 2.1 test installations the website loads slow and in the end there will be an error message and no pictures are shown.
    In my 2.03 installation with the same website this works without any problem.
    Even the Airbus sites goes perfect with my 2.03 test router as well.
    How can i report this to the Pfsense team or is there any workaround for this.

    best regards

  • This is very relevant.

    Please state system info and what changes from 2.0.3 to 2.1

  • Hello

    Thanks for your  answer.
    In the first case we was just transfering our old 2.03 configuration into  a new machine with 2.1 installed. It is one Wan net and three subnets  ( 4 network cards in total ) Immidiately the day after we got messages from the users that the AIRBUS maintenance site could not be properly loaded. When we looked at it was like bits and pieces were left out. When we put his computers MAC in pass list everything works fine. But we do not want to open full internet access to these people as they dont need it.
    I tested this on our second 2.1 pfsense site and got the same result.
    After that i tested this one gets totally broken on 2.1 but loads ok in my 2.03 site.
    However this morning i did the same test with and this one does not work neither in 2.03 or in 2.1.
    These sites may load other additional pages i suppose but as it works in 2.03 with aftonbladet. se ( who also loads tons of other pages ) it should normally work
    in 2.1 as well.

    best regards

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