OpenVPN without NAT

  • Is it possible to do OpenVPN, without NAT? (We're experimenting with trying to handle NAT on another box with special routing considerations, to avoid some of the problems we've been having just using pfSense to handle both OpenVPN and NAT)

    We initially had a series of pfSense 2.1 installs running inside KVM, with approximately 24 different bridges connecting to OPTx interfaces in pfSense, and using pfSense to NAT across into those networks, for VPN concentration. We've since removed all the bridges, and are trying to use pfSense in simply a 2 interface configuration, to just pass right through to the NATting that's happening on another box upstream.

    is this possible?

    I'm combing through the forums and user manual, but I thought I'd post a question here, as well.


  • Yes, Firewall->NAT, Outbound. Select Manual Outbound NAT and Save. Then delete all the rules that are automatically put there for you. Then no NAT will happen - you will have just a plain firewall-router - still with load of extra features of course  ;)

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