OpenVPN Client Export

  • Hi,

    I made some changes to my OpenVPN server settings, but the client export still exports the original configuration.

    How can i get the export utility to update too?

  • When you export again, it should use data from the current OpenVPN server settings. What did you change in the server? and what does not change in the exported client?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    In the updated configuration, i added a push "route xxx"command to the config to fix the VPN routing.

    This line however does not appear in the updated client export.

    I have had to manually add it for the 2 test users so far.

  • I don't understand - "push "route …"" is probably something you put in the advanced box of the server. When the client connects, the server pushes the route to the client in real-time, effectively telling the client that the server is the route to the specified subnet. There will be nothing special in the client config.

    But if you want the client to push a route to the server (i.e. client tell server about a subnet reachable through the client) then that is different.

    What are you trying to achieve? In which direction?

    Also, at the server end, you do not need to push route - just put all the subnets reachable through the server into the Local Network/s field.

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