Point-to-Poing wrong route in server PF 1.0.1

  • Hi!
    I use Pf 1.0.1. I noticed that a lot of people has problem with connection from server site lan to client site lan.
    I think I found the problem (at least on my server).
    My conf is :
    Lan1 -> Server VPN 192.168.1/24
    Lan2 -> Client VPN 192.168.0/24
    VPN PPP 192.168.3/24 (no static IP's)
    Can connect from LAN2 -> LAN1, but cannot connect LAN1->LAN2.

    If in server setting you choose auto assign IP for PPP mask has to be  < /29  .
    Client connects to VPN Server and assigns IP
    Server assigns IP
    But route on server shows 192.168.0/24 tun0, to IP which isn't used.
    Solution add manually IP client VPN connection (


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