Openvpn disable user.

  • Hi!

    First, I will apologize about my bad english… sry.

    I would like to know how to disable openvpn users (if it is possible) in the pfsense web interface.
    My vpn users was created via build-key-pass <unique-name-user>. Could I make this via "Client-Specific-Configuration" menu of OpenVPN?

    Thank you very much.

    Have a nice day ;-)</unique-name-user>

  • That's what the certificate revocation list is for.

  • Ok, thanks. I will try to find documentation about it and how to configure.

  • If I understand, I need to make:

    /openvpn/easy-rsa/revoke-full <user-key>This builds a /openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/crl.pem file. Then, I need to put this file into /var/etc path of pfsense filesystem and to edit openvpn_server0.conf for to add a line like this:

    crl-verify /var/etc/crl.pem

    And every time I need to disable a vpn user, make this and put the crl.pem file into pfsense firewall. Isn't it?</user-key>


    On pfsense there is below the fields to set the server key and certificate a field to put your CRL in.
    No need to mess around with copying files manually and modify the config files.
    Just use the field which is already in the GUI.

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