• I have what I hope is a simple question:

    When using the e1000 interface what is the max amount of VLANS that FreeBSD and the driver support to be configured at one time. I know I can configure anything between 1 - 4095 but what is the max amount that can it support at one time.

    I also would like to know if the VMXNET3 is now a better nic to run with over the 1000. I know in the past performance was poor.

  • Does anyone know?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I have seen customers with hundreds of VLANs and, though the GUI can get sluggish with many interfaces, it is still capable of working well.

    I have not seen anyone hit a maximum (real or theoretical) to find an actual upper limit shy of the spec limit of VLAN IDs.

  • I think there shouldn't be a limit because vlan id always use the same size on an ethernet frame, doesn't matter if you are using vlan1 or vlan4095, it uses the same frame bits.
    At hardware level, maybe because of too much traffic per vlan, can cause you to suffer from low performance.
    I only have used 13 vlans on a VM over ESX(i) and not showing any problem at all, just the gui gets too crowded to be clean for the interface menu, but I just change to the pfsense theme and everything is ok.

    Hope someone with more vlans can share us opinion.

  • I've been using a few hundreds at a time.
    Managing/creating these was the biggest task.
    In the end i created an excelsheet in openoffice, exported it to csv, parsed it with a shellscript and generated the parts of the config i needed.
    After that i didn't bother with the GUI anymore because it wasn't really useable anymore, but always edited the config directly.
    But then, this was on a quilte old version. Not sure how the GUI behaves today in such a setup.

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