Adding a wireless router - IP conflict.

  • I've sucessfully got my 4 NIC Proventia box running Pfsense and now what to add my Asus RT-N53 as the wireless AP for my home. I've searched this site and Googled the subject and feel I've followed instructions correctly but it's still not working. There is a IP conflict some where with how I've set it up, I'll go through what I've done and I'm sure someone will see where I've gone wrong.

    first of all I assigned a new interface called WLAN set to static ipv4 ip

    Then I went into the wireless router turned off the fire wall de-selected dhcp and nat. I then set the IP to (as not to conflict with pf sense gui) and gate way and DNS IP's to

    Once I plugged the wireless router in and tried connecting to it with my phone I got an error message saying there was a IP conflict.

    This is so frustrating so please help out a pfsense noob.

  • I have now solved the problem

  • I can't help you,but wish you!

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