Assign Esxi a pfsense LAN address

  • Right now I have my esxi server offsite.  I connect to it through the public IP address, but I am wanting to assign it a LAN address, so I can join it to my domain.  Pfsense is my router/firewall for all of my VM's.  My question is how can I assign it a LAN IP through pfsense?  Below is my network config in esxi.  Can someone point me in the right direction on what to do?

    Thanks so much

  • vSwitch1 -> Properties -> Add

    Connection Type - VMKernel

    Name: Internal Management Network
    Use this port for Management Traffic - Tick

    Network Type - IP

    Add in dedicated info with pfsense ip as gateway

    I think that is what your looking for. I dont have a local Exsi to test on and my servers are remote in another country so cant mess around with these settings to confirm for you.

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