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  • I've been using pfSense for several months now and am quite happy.  However, for the past few days the WebGUI has been extremely slow in responding.  CPU usage hovers at around 1%.  Load averages are 0.06, 0.09, 0.06, RAM is 39% of 2G, MBUF is 6%, State table is <1%.  When I do anything in the GUI, it can take as long as 10-20 seconds to respond, whiich makes using pF very painful.

    Any ideas?

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    Does your configured DNS work?

  • As far as I know.  I've got 4 DNS configured; two internal, two external.  The servers serve everyone else on the LAN, so I'd know pretty fast if there were problems.  Manual resolves work on all 4 servers.  However, I think I might have it figured out.  I'm running pfSense in a virtual machine that lives on an HP LeftHand dual-node RAID5 (don't ask) SAN cluster.  A week ago, one of the drives failed and I am still waiting for a replacement from HP.  In the meantime, I'm thinking that the write overhead increase due to the missing drive may be adversely affecting performance.  I notice that the GUI is slow in most things, but other functions fly.  The slow functions seem to be write-related, which led me to the suspicion about the missing drive.  If the nodes are set to write back when OK, but write-through if degraded, then that would explain it.

  • Sorry, I forgot to update this.

    It turns out the problem was the interface that the DNS Forwarder was set to.  I stupidly changed it from Localhost to LAN, and never noticed how that borked DNS lookups and caused the GUI slowdown.  Once I put it back to Localhost from LAN, everything was fine.  Thanks to JimP for that one.

  • you mean follwoing setting:

    –DNS Forwarder
    --- Under Interfaces Localhost?

  • Under Interfaces Localhost?

    Quite the old thread you have unearthed, but the answer is yes.

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