Forum moved to new server

  • The forum web and database servers have moved to new servers. Everything looks good, but if you notice any issues please let us know.

  • Exists one problem
    Old link style more not work**/board=3.0
    New link style is a

    Possible make redirect from '/' to '?' style ?
    Links to forum in the internet no longer are valid

  • Thanks, saw that going by in the error log, checking into it.

  • I see the cause, and thought I had the proper rewrite rules in to fix that, but I'm apparently missing something. I've been at these server moves for way too long now, time for some sleep, I'll fix that later today.

    If anyone notices anything else, please add here.

  • Thanks, now it's works.

  • I had to modify my forum time offset. It was showing times 1 hour ahead of local, so I reduced the offset in my profile by 1 hour. I guess the server it is on has a different time, or some daylight-saving time difference to the previous one.
    Its a shame the profile doesn't ask for the user's actual time zone and then auto-adjust everything from that, knowing whatever timezone the server happens to be in from day to day.

  • We've always had unusual issues with time zone differences with SMF related to daylight savings time. I think that's almost certainly a coincidence, caused by daylight savings time change happening over the weekend. The time changed Sunday morning in the US, one hour forward, which would explain being an hour ahead. The time on the server is correct, and in the same time zone as previously.

  • My account's time zone offset is 0, since I'm in the same timezone as the server, and my times are accurate. Pretty sure it's the fact it just lets you select an offset from the server's time, rather than setting a specific timezone. Since in Nepal there is no DST (AFAICT), but the server will change time twice a year for DST, your offset won't be static (and actually never would have been as best I can tell). That really is an odd "feature" of SMF that it doesn't let you pick a time zone, given some places don't observe DST, and of the places that do, different countries do it on different dates.

  • Yes, I think you are right. People in other timezones with different DST on/off dates will have to adjust their time offset. For Southern Hemispher countries, where DST is the complete opposite part of the year, they would have to adjust about every 3 months as the server (northern) and their local DST (southern) switches in and out.
    At least it lets me put fractions of hours, since Nepal is UTC+0545. I have put 10.75 in there to make it right.
    Really the whole world should switch to UTC and forget about timezones.  :)

  • @phil.davis:

    Really the whole world should switch to UTC and forget about timezones.  :)

    And let's get rid of different date and time formats, let's adopt the Unix timestamp.

    Of course we need to keep daylight saving time. No one has ever been successful is altering the general population's habit of working from 9 to 5 (32400.0 to 61200.0 as Unix TS offset…although some might consider the switch to the Unix TS as a welcome invitation to cut down work time to 8 seconds...).

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