Iptables import

  • hello,
    does anybody of you have any experience in importing iptables rules into pfsense?
    do you know a tool or maybe a script for converting the rules into xml format? i could imagine sth like downloading the config.xml, importing somehow the converted rules into the right <rule>tag and again uploading/restoring the whole pfsense system.
    I would appreciate any given hint.
    10x in advance</rule>

  • I haven't heard of such a thing being available.

  • You're effectively looking for something to convert iptables to pf format.  I'm not aware (and Google doesn't show anything) of there being anything that can do that.

  • it is possible with php to convert the iptables rules into xml and direct insert into the config.xml/
    and again to upload the configurations. But one should write the code by itself.

  • From the time I first installed m0n0wall (and later on pfSense) I didn't have to look at 'firewall builder' anymore.
    But IIRC there was an option to read a configuration from an existing box and output it in a different format. Don't know if pf is supported, though.
    Take a look at:  http://www.fwbuilder.org/

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