Linking Multiple servers via private lan

  • Greetings all …

    Ive been going through the posts, wiki, etc, looking for an idea on how to configure my setup properly.

    I have 4 dedicated servers with Exsi installed, each have several VM's, with dedicated IP's
    The server comes with a 2nd 1Gbps nic which is linked to a private lan with 1 ip

    Server Setup:

    Current PFSense Settings:
    Green is eth0 - WAN interface
    Red is eth1 - LAN interface

    Each Nix VM has a static route:
    up route add -net gw 192.168.x.1 dev eth1

    Each vm can ping each other within its subnet
    Each vm can ping the Private Lan IP of pfsense, but not any other of the pfsense ip's

    Each pfSense vm can ping any other pfSense vm

    The only documentation I can see where each Internal Lan can communicate with other internal lans is to use the vpn - openvpn/etc option and create links from each internal lan to every other servers internal lan.

    Now as that is a huge repetitive task, before i start with that, would just like to know if there is not an easier & faster method that doesnt require encryption of the data as the private lan is secure?

    Any direct/help would be hugely appreciated…


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