Client does not going through Captive Portal

  • Hello everyone !
    I'm currently studying networks, and within the context of my training course, I have to test a captive portal solution. I choosed pfSense. As I can't work "in production", I'm working with Virtualbox.

    Here is my current installation :

    • 1 "client" virtual machine with Windows 7 (static IP, with a LAN adapter (internal network)

    • 1 pfSense virtual machine, with a LAN adapter (internal network) and a WAN adapter (bridged with my Ethernet card).

    I installed and configured pfSense ; I accessed webConfigurator with my Windows 7 client and activated Captive Portal.

    And now, the issue : I can't access internet with my Windows 7 client. Windows indicates there is no connection.
    Just to be sure, I activated a WAN adapter on my Windows 7 client and tried : I can access internet, but still have no portal to go through.

    If someone do have a clue about what could be misconfigured, I'll be very grateful :)

    Below you'll find some screenshots of my configuration :

    pfSense :

    LAN :

    WAN :

    Captive portal :

    Thank you !

  • Please check allow only users/groups with Captive portal Login. and then test again.

  • Just to check: you inverted the images representing LAN and WAN, right ?

    The DHCP4 didn't get an IP …... as shown in the image. So your pfsense setup has no Internet access.
    But, if it gets an IP, what range will it be ? It should NOT be a 192.168.1.x