How To Allow Specific IP When Blocked by an I-BlockList

  • Just install firewall.

    Using some I-blockList lists.

    My customer's web site is blocked by the Educational Institutions list.

    How can I specify to allow me full access to my customer's IP adress website?

    Thanks in advance

  • Banned

    Option 1: Stop using blocklists that hinder your working getting done? (SIGDUH!)
    Option 2: Read the fine description in pfBlocker package and create a custom list with a permit action?

    'Permit' Rules:
    'Permit' rules create high priority 'pass' rules on the stated interfaces. They are not the opposite of Deny rules, and don't create any 'blocking' effect anywhere. They have priority over all Deny rules. Typical uses of 'Permit' rules are:
    To ensure that traffic to/from the listed IPs will always be allowed in the stated directions. They override almost all other Firewall rules on the stated interfaces.
    To act as a whitelist for Deny rule exceptions, for example if a large IP range or pre-created blocklist blocks a few IPs that should be accessible.

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