3 loadbalanced wan possible? any idea?

  • i try 3 wan with 1.2-RC3

    this config:

    3 wan (load balanced), 1 dmz, 1 lan, 1 wire

    all 3 wan nic plugged then lan connection lost.

    if 1 wan nic (random) unplugged then all ok.

    not possible 3 loadbalanced wan or i overlook one trigger?

    any idea?

  • If I understand the docs/wiki correctly you should be able to add the third WAN link to the load balance pool, add a new(!) failover pool with the new WAN link as the first entry, and then add the new WAN link to the other two existing failover pools.

  • search the forums i have read about it all you have to do is create  the pool with the 3 instance in it. when you do the fail over just make sure all the different wans a covering each other 1->2->3, 2->3->1, 3->1->2

    that should always keep you up

    search forums 1st

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