PFSense 2.1 + VMware 5.5 installation problem

  • Hello,
    First, sorry about my english. I'm learning yet…

    The environment:
    We installed 2 PFSenses 2.1 on 2 different hosts with VMWare ESXi 5.5 to use High Availability through CARP.
    Each host has 6 ethernets: 4 for WAN, 1 for LAN and 1 for PFSync.
    The VMWare Tools from VMWare was installed.
    VMWare network was configured to permit Promiscuous mode due to the use of CARP VIPs.
    The network driver of virtual machine is vmxnet3 due to the use of PPTP.

    The tests was performed with 2 WAN links and some NATs. During this test all worked fine.

    When we tried to migrate the firewall to PFSense, 3 WAN links stopped to respond and the log stopped to be stored.
    The use of processor, memory, disk and network was normal. Just after a reboot the machine back to work, but stopped again after about 5 minutes.

    The process of migration was just power off the firewall in use today and created a LAN CARP VIP on PFSense with the same IP.

    The questions: How to know what happened without logs? What can cause this behavior?

    Any help will be great!


    Alan Nikitiuk Milani

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    Try to run the host in ACPI safe mode and then reboot and see of it stays online.

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