Tend to be stucked at Starting NTP time client…

  • hi,

    I wonder why in one of my pfs box, whenever I reboot it tend to get stuck on the NTP client thing. Please see attachment.

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    wait for it and tell it to use another ntp server….

  • because you have no WAN connection - so the dns lookup fails (but pfsense is booting - you just have to wait)

    The question is: Why you have no internet connection?

    Edit: of course your NTP time server could be wrong too!

  • I really don't know what happened, but eventually, the connection surfaces. I mean, I always have an internet connection, the bug came when I upgraded to 2.1. So did not tried to check as to why, I turned off teh manchine may for 3 days and when I restarted it it has an internet connection. But I dont know, despite ofthe lusca in place, the internet from its LAN is quit very slow so, I just decided to go bear metal installation. I have a problem though ans I posted it as another topic.

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