Issues with BF3 and BF4 (PC) - can not connect to servers

  • Hi,

    I have a pfsense 2.1 setup. Been running for a while and I am happy with it. I am not running UpNP - I setup the required rules and ports manually.

    I have set it up to suit my needs and it has been working fine. Have a bunch of games (steam) working with no issues.

    Now recently I have added BF3 and BF4 (both PC).

    On my LAN interface I have allowed the required TCP and UDP ports:

    TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127
    UDP: 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300

    Added the group of PCs that are allowed to use the above ports (through aliases) and created my rule. I am NOT using port forwarding as I am not running a server, I am just allowing PCs to connect to internet servers to play the game.

    my rule looks like first picture below. Until now nothing new - I have done the same for a bunch of other games and all is good. Not with BF3 or BF4 - users can not connect to game servers on the internet.

    So I went troubleshooting.

    Enabled UpNP - same issue
    Enable Manual Outbound NAT - same issue

    Disable UpNP - same issue
    Enable Manual Outbound NAT - same issue

    I have tried rebooting after enabling Manual Outbound NAT - didn't work

    When enabled Manual Outbound NAT I have modified the default LAN to WAN so it uses static port and moved it into the first position in the list. As it didn't work I went back to default and created a workstation specific rule (IP/32) with static port - didn't work either.
    Nothing I tried seems to fix this issue. If I allow all TCP ports then all is good and users can connect - but only want to allow the required ports and not ALL TCP.

    Anybody had this issue?

    Can anyone help to fix this?

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    I am having issues with this as well. I am not able to help but that is because I am a newb. Post back if you get your answer please. I am having same issues with other MMO's TERA Rising is one of them. But I think the HAVP package is causing this issue with TERA(they don't allow proxy), not sure.

    Have  a Great DAY!

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