Internett traffic questions.

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    I want to browse internett on my laptop at my office through pfsense box at home.

    I have set up open VPN server by using
    Im abel to get status "connected" in openvpn client on my laptop at my office, recive Ip adress etc, no errors in the log, but Im not abel to browse on internett through  VPN tunnel.

    My Laptop at office =>  VPN => pfsense box => out on internett.

    I think the problem can be some wrong rules?
    I have tried different rules, without any sucess to start browsing internett on my laptop…

    I can see that I`m not recive any gateway or DNS server?

    Grateful if somebody can help, if you have any question, something example something are not clear, please ask!

    Thank you :)

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