DMZ Gateway

  • Hey guys,

    I'm trying get pfsense inside on ESXi with 3 NICs for this setup:

    NIC1 = LAN
    NIC2 = DMZ
    NIC3 = WAN pppoe

    With an fresh install LAN using DHCP Server works pretty nice, the default rule "allow all" from inside to outside make the thing smooth.

    But, on DMZ i dont wanna use DHCP, so this is where my headche start…

    Setting the IP like this way i can get my VMs runing inside of DMZ:

    Gateway (ESXi NIC)
    DNS (OpenDNS)

    My concern is about use the gateway like i did, this is correct?

    I already blocked the traffic from LAN to DMZ.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well what IP did you put on the dmz interface in pfsense?  That would be the gateway for that network normally.  And normally you would block traffic from dmz to lan, not lan to dmz.

    dhcp can work on any  segment you want it to work on - you just have to enable it and set it up on pfsense.

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