Guest WIFI / LAN Problems

  • I've been scouring the net to find someone with an exact issue to mine, but can't I've found lot's that were similar, but nothing exact.

    I have an older P4 Compaw D500SFF PC with 1 GB RAM and 3 NICs. 1 NIC to the WAN, 1 to the LAN and 1 OPT. I have 2 Commercial Linksys routers both flashed with DD-WRT. E3000 and WRD160N.

    I want to support a Private LAN and Private WIFI which will obtain it's IP from pfsense on the subnet. And, a private LAN / WIFI which will recieve  it's IP from the subnet. Private LAN clients can communicate with one another public clients are isolated from the private lan and each other.

    I started here with trying to use VLAN tagging on the E3000, but concluded that VLAN tagging is problematic on the e3000.

    So I figured I would just add the WRT160 to the OPT port on my pfsense box, have it assign DHCP and then add some firewall rules to separate them.

    This is where it gets strange. So now I have 2 LAN interfaces:
    IP Address:
    DHCP Set up on this interface

    IP Address:

    IP Address:
    DHCP Set up on this interface

    IP Address:

    No Firewall rules, no bridges, no VLANS

    When I connect to LAN, I'm able to access the internet and other clients on the LAN.

    When I connect to LANPUBLIC, release and renew my IP Address, I'm still issued a 10. IP Address. I've deleted WIFI settings on my computer, restarted PC and DHCP servce, Rebooted PF sense with no luck.

    Does anyone have any idea why when connecting to my LANPRIVATE WiFi SSID I would still be issued an IP address from my private LAN DHCP server?

  • It seems this is just a WiFi issue. When a plug a PC into the private LAN I get a 192. address from pfsense.

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