Filtering Bridge not really filtering anything.

  • Hi all,

    I'm struggling with a strange problem. I'm running RC2 on a PC with 3 NICs: LAN, WAN and WIFI_BRIDGE. On WIFI_BRIDGE I connected an access point that runs in bridging mode and does only WPA encryption. WIFI_BRIDGE is bridged to LAN. WAN is configured with NAT enabled.

    Now, besides the specific behaviour I'd like to get from pfSense, I narrowed the problem down to something really simple:

    • Filtering Bridge disabled. Everything goes in & out as expected.
    • Filtering Bridge enabled. No rules. Wireless clients don't even get an IP from pfSense DHCP as expected.

    However, if I force manually an IP on a client everything goes in & out again!
    Of course I reset states, rebooted. Nothing changed.

    Does anybody have some idea?


  • Maybe I'm mistaken, but can it be because you forgot to turn off the DHCP from the access point ?

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