PF-2.1 + Xenserver 6.2SP1 Network performance help

  • Hello,

    I have pF 2.1 running on a Xenserver 6.2SP1 host (HP DL120-G6), and I'm having some trouble with lower than expected network performance.

    My goal is to provide a virtual router for InterVLAN communication between different VLAN Subnets.

    I wanted to test end point client to router speed, so I put iperf on the pF install and set it as the server and hit it from a laptop on the same L2+ switch.  Everything is wired in with gigabit.  The pF VM is attached to the host network without going though any kind of VLAN setup in XenServer. (Native tagged)  The VM has 2Gigs of ram for now since I'm just doing proof of concepts.

    I tried using the VirtIO interface modification as noted in one of the threads in this forum, but my performance speeds were in the 160Mbit range.

    I then switched them over to the e1000 interface via a similar mod, but the performance is only topping out at about 250Mbits.

    Have I missed a step somewhere?  My test setup is very basic.  The one thing I didn't test was to see if there was an issue with the DL120-G6's interface interface itself.

    Thanks for any help!

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